On Incompetence: Why A Dollar An Hour is Too Much for Some

Ok.  It’s hard to rant too much when Soldier Son is safe at home here for a couple of weeks, but my bubble’s just been burst by some nincompoop on the other side of the country.  And Youngest Son has no idea where his last paycheck went.

Right after we got our new 50″ plasma TV late last month, I went online and ordered a new lower entertainment center with shelving to accommodate the new TV and receiver we bought.  I couldn’t wait for it to get here because we temporarily had the TV sitting on a too-low coffee table in front of the old entertainment stand.  It was crowded and not sitting at the right height.  I tracked the shipping from Redmond Washington through a stop in Illinois and even though the approximate arrival time was placed at July 10, I was hoping it would get here earlier.  And it did!!  This meant it could actually be assembled and set up before the cable guy comes on Wednesday to hook us up to the new Comcast HD package.  We rearranged the old furniture, opened up the first box (it came in a shipment of 2) and the cherry colored sides and doors were unpacked.  Then we opened up the next box and noticed the pieces were black.  “Does this thing have black shelves?” Big Daddy asked.

Ummm, no.  Clear as day on the boxes, the colors were listed, in English and in French.  One box was clearly labeled cherry/cerise and the other said black/noir.  The one has a LARGE C in front of the item number, while the other started with a BIG BLACK B.  Ze cerise will not look good with ze noir.  Do people not check their work?  How many more weeks will this transaction take?

Meanwhile, Youngest Son decided to have his store job direct deposit his paycheck because this job is a good thirty minutes away and he only works there on weekends.  He brought in a voided check like they requested so that they could set up direct deposit into his checking account.  On Saturday, he received a non-negotiable pay stub showing how much he had earned and the net amount deposited into his bank account, but when he went online to check his account, the deposit had not been made.  At least not into his account.  We’re worried it’s been put into someone else’s account, because supposedly it was paid out on June 27.  But it’s nowhere in Youngest Son’s possession.  Since he gave them a check to copy the number from, I know it’s not a case of my son writing down the wrong number.  Anyway, he wouldn’t do that.  He’s too much like me.

So, if you work in a warehouse in Washington state, or input bank account numbers for direct deposits and you think you’re not getting paid enough for your efforts, think about whether you’re the numbskull that doesn’t match part numbers on shipments to Pennsylvania, or transposes numbers from a poor hard-working college student’s checking account.  And be grateful you even have a job!!

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