Tip on Replacing A Garage Door Window

A few weeks ago, Youngest Son was playing basketball in the driveway and shattered one of the small windows in our garage door. Luckily, it was the same one he cracked a few years ago, so we still only have to replace one window. My cousin gave Big Daddy a spare pane of tempered glass to cut down to size and use. Big Daddy checked out a few You Tube videos to see how to cut the glass. Here is an example. It’s pretty slick how easy the glass breaks.

I was amazed that all you had to do was score the glass and just snap it in half. Big Daddy was pretty impressed by the video, too, and went down to break it along the score lines.

Before you know it, I heard the Shop-Vac running. Big Daddy was cleaning up a million pieces of broken glass. He told me to write a post advising people not to use tempered glass. We have another old piece of glass that is not tempered, and he’s going to try it one more time.

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