On Gun Ownership: Sanity Prevails

What separates a civilized society from the Troglodytes of prehistoric times:  The ability to thrive and survive no matter how physically strong one is.  Society flourishes when all members, weak and strong, can share the gifts they have.  Back in the day, the physically strong ruled the clan.  The weaker members yielded or died.  But physically strong doesn’t always equate to mentally strong, or morally sound.  So as society advanced, laws were enacted to protect the physically weaker, but still vitally important, members of society.  But even then, sometimes the bullies would prevail.

Some members of our society think if you ban all handguns, then this will level the playing field.   However, a 100 pound female is usually not safe against a 200 pound man with evil intentions.  A physically disabled homeowner may find it difficult to protect his home against even an unarmed intruder.  A gun in the hands of one of these potential victims may preserve their rights and save their lives.

An even more probable scenario is that the “bullies” will still find a way to get a hold of guns.  So even the physically strong, but law-abiding citizen will be at a disadvantage when faced with an armed intruder.  Drug laws have not stopped addicts from obtaining illegal drugs; gun laws will not stop thieves, rapists and murderers from obtaining illegal guns.  The rest of us will be sitting ducks waiting for the armed maniacs to take possession of all we’ve earned and value.

Five members of the Supreme Court have upheld our Constitution and paved the way for citizens to protect themselves and their families against the more criminal elements of society.  Most of us don’t want to have to use a handgun against another human being, but if the choice is between a thug or my kid, guess who I want to win?

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