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On Sons: Why Mothers Get Gray Hair

Wow.  Youngest Son’s room looks amazing.  It’s dusted, straightened, and vacuumed with all the vacuum lines going the same way.  He has two weeks off from his weekday job and today he decided to tackle some of the clutter that’s been building up in his room and other areas of the house that he’s decided to take over.  This would be great except for the fact that he starts ragging on me about some of my little clutters.  I’m in the middle of some projects and so I have some paperwork laying around.  It’s not like I do nothing all day.  When he gets busy, I don’t get on his case about not cleaning.  But now, all of a sudden because the cleaning bug has bit him, he wants me to just drop everything I’m doing and work on all these areas that are getting on his nerves.

Part of the reason I couldn’t even wrap my head around doing anything is because I was worried about Soldier Son.  When I woke up this morning, Big Daddy had already turned on the computer and sent out an AIM message for Soldier Son to let us know that he was okay.  Big Daddy had read about some recent casualties over there and it could have been near where Soldier Son might be–and you know how you always think the worst.  And so, just like the one other time we read something that worried us, Soldier Son was nowhere to be found in cyberworld, and had not left us the usual e-mail message that he normally sends.  Finally, much later than usual, I did make contact with him and he’s fine.

Sons.  You just gotta love them.


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