On Self-Control:Must Tiger Woods Swear So Much?

The moment the US Open tie-breaking match switched from ESPN to NBC, Tiger Woods let out one of his favorite phrases—“G– Damn it.”  They didn’t have time to censor it out and even the announcers apologized for it.  I’m no prude and I live in a house full of guys so normally swearing does not bother me personally.  But I think someone like Tiger, who is a role model to a lot of kids, could clean up his act a little.

My husband is particularly offended to hear the Lord’s name taken in vain.  Even though we let the F-bomb fly around here sometimes, Big Daddy usually only growls about the GD phrase.  I know golf can be a frustrating game; I let a few choice words out myself playing Par 3 last night.  But I’m not on TV.  I don’t have an entourage following me around and no kids are out there rooting me on.  If I did, I think I would devise a strategy to be less offensive.  In fact, that’s why, to this day, I call the kids my little “behemoths.”  My mouth would want to form other b-words, depending upon how bad they were acting that day, but those words would not be acceptable to actually say to my precious little imps.  So they became my behemoths, and they learned a new word.  Maybe Tiger could learn a new phrase.

I totally respect Tiger Woods and his talent and athleticism. Rocco Mediate had some bad luck too on some holes.  But he was much more dignified about it.  Tiger Woods has brought so much to the game of golf, I think that a little self-control with the language should be completely doable for a champion like him.

2 Responses to “On Self-Control:Must Tiger Woods Swear So Much?”

  1. 1 John R June 17, 2008 at 9:49 am

    I know that part of what makes Tiger Woods so dominating is that he is so determined to win. Even though he has won dozens of times, he cannot accept defeat lightly. And so, he erupts when he makes a mistake. And it is the one thing about him that causes me to root against him. Over the weekend, the announcers said that Tiger’s dad had said that no one will ever be tougher than Tiger. And I thought, “Wow, what did Earl Woods do to Tiger in his childhood to create the toughness in Tiger?” It sounds like a scary and abusive childhood, but Tiger and his dad were good buddies until the end, so who am I to say how to parent?

    If a guy screams in pain and lets out a curse, I can understand it. But we’re just talking about a bad golf shot for a guy who has already made more money than he and his family will ever be able to use. Hopefully, although the intensity will always remain, I do hope that Tiger can find some new words instead of the curse words when he is mad at himself.

    That being said, he really came off well once the match was over and he was with his family. And that’s really the most important part of his life.

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant June 17, 2008 at 10:28 am

    You’re right. My husband and I like him less because of this habit–but he is an awesome golfer. And liking to win myself, I understand his competitiveness–but on live TV, he needs to drop the GD stuff.

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