Mama’s Macho Men

My boys–well, actually, I guess they’re technically men–are wishing for things that this mama would never wish for them.  And some of these wishes are coming true.  And thankfully, some are not.  Right around the time we found out Middle Son J was going to be deployed overseas for a year, my oldest son let us know that he finally will get to do what he was trained to do.  He is currently serving in Iraq, and while this is scary enough, for some reason he has been stuck behind a computer in product development.  This has made Big Daddy and I fairly happy and relieved because while it is still possible for some random projectile to find its way to our son, it is less likely for something awful to happen there than when he’s out roaming the streets.  But he wasn’t happy tucked away in an office.  He wants to be on a tactical team, like he was trained.  He wants to be out there, in harm’s way, doing what he believes in.  And now he’s finally getting his wish.

Middle Son J, while most disturbed by the suddenness of his deployment and the changes he will have to make in his life right now, was also disappointed that he was NOT being sent into an actual combat zone.  Big Daddy and I are heaving huge sighs of relief and  J’s pissed that he won’t be able to earn an “awesome” combat patch.

What’s wrong with these guys?  Is it their youth or is it too much testosterone?  Because as much as I can see myself in my sons, from J’s propensity to road rage to some of Soldier Son’s geeky quirkiness, I always run AWAY from danger. As far away as I can get!  I’m such chicken shit I’ve never even had a broken bone!

Maybe you can shout me a holler when you get where you’re going to, Soldier Son.  I know you’re moving to your new location about now.  I’m going to hate not being able to get in touch with you as often as I used to.  When I don’t hear from you I think the worst.  So try to keep in touch for your chicken shit mama’s sake–and please don’t take any unnecessary chances.   😦

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