Second Son Deployed

Yesterday, Middle Son J hung around the house with me, helping me out.  Since he bakes way more often than I, I asked him for his advice on greasing the pans for Big Daddy’s birthday cake.  I wasn’t sure if I could just spray the pans with my butter-flavored PAM or if I should butter and flour the pans like my mom taught me to do.  He probably would have just baked the thing for me had I asked, but I wanted to do it myself for Big D’s birthday.  When I asked him if he knew where the mixer was, he didn’t just answer me.  He actually got up to help me look.  That’s the way J is.  He may make the biggest messes, but he always goes out of his way to help out.  He’s surprised me quite a few times by cleaning up the kitchen without anybody asking.  Last time he cut the grass for the old neighbor lady, he wouldn’t take her money.

He didn’t bother looking for a job around here this summer because he is scheduled to leave today for some Army Reserve training.  He’s supposed to be gone for several weeks and the pay he’ll receive would be comparable to having a part-time job all summer.  He was kind of dreading going to this training because it’s supposed to be pretty tough and will take him out of his comfort zone, but it’s something that I think will make him even stronger than he is.  So he was already looking forward to when he’d be back home from this class, and he could just enjoy the rest of his summer hanging out with friends and getting ready to go back to school in August.

Well, I guess the Army had other plans.  You see, they may be Army s-l-o-w about some things, but when they want YOU for something, you don’t get a lot of warning.  He just found out that almost as soon as he gets back from this training, he is being deployed.  Thank God it won’t be into a combat zone like his brother, but it will be far away from home, on another continent.  He’ll have another year away from school.  He’ll be gone before his older brother comes home on leave.  And even though he won’t be in a high risk area, I know that there are nuts everywhere and I’ll be worried.  I’m going to miss my J.

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