Middle-Aged Crazy

Crap.  I am seriously worried about myself.  I missed another appointment, my second in six months.

I had just gotten out of bed when the phone rang.  “L.  This is Dr. C’s office.”

“Oh my God,” I replied.

“You forgot your appointment,” said the still pleasant voice on the other end.  “I thought I talked to you yesterday,” she continued.

“Yes, you did.  It just slipped my mind today.  I’m SO sorry,” I said sheepishly.  We rescheduled, this time for 4:00 in the afternoon.  This will muck up a nice July day for me, but it’s probably a safer bet that I’ll make it if it’s in the afternoon, when I’m already out of bed.

Yesterday when the receptionist had called to remind me of my dentist appointment, I cheerily said, “I’ll be there.”  It was written on my calendar and circled, weeks ago.  I was aware of it before she called.  Usually, when something is on my calendar, it’s scripted into my plans for the day.  If it’s not on my calendar, it’s probably not going to happen.  The calendar is my lifeline.

It’s Big Daddy’s birthday today.  When I woke up, I started thinking about all the things I had to do.  Bake a cake for him, wrap his presents, stop at the store to pick up some chicken for dinner.   And before I went to bed last night, Youngest Son asked me if I would help him update his resume this morning before he left for work.  I remembered all that, which is why I was up as early as I was.  I was going over in my head the order I was going to do all those things; unfortunately the dentist appointment never made it into any of those scenarios.

I’m a little worried.  Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m very anal.  I don’t forget appointments.  And now, in six months, I’ve missed two.  I’m embarrassed.  I’m thinking that the arteries are hardening.  And it’s not just because of these missed appointments.  I used to never need an alarm clock; I always woke up automatically when I needed to.  And now that talent may have fallen by the wayside, too.  Two very scary episodes there that I can write about.  Maybe tomorrow.  For now, I better get moving.  I got a lot to do!

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