A Runner’s Stream of Consciousness

Running sucks.  Getting ready to go, you have to force yourself to think about the results of running–lower number on the scale, not-so-tight pants, and even the runner’s high you will feel when you’re done.  Because as much as it hurts while you’re actually running, and as bad as you want to quit before reaching your goal, you do feel SO good when you’re done–energized, alive, and ready to get things done.

Today, I actually got out of bed before 9:00 a.m.  The sun was streaming through the bedroom windows.  It was a gorgeous Sunday morning and I had absolutely no excuse not to run.  After staring at an ungodly 135.6 on the scale last night, I had no other option. (I’ve been fluctuating between about 131 and 138 lately.  My biggest weigh-in ever was at the hospital right before giving birth to one of the boys.  I was around 142 lbs. and I looked like I had swallowed a huge basketball.  But I was ready to give birth!  My goal now is to hit the low 120’s.).  Running takes the weight off me like no other exercise.  I should mix in a little weight training, too.  God knows we have the equipment.

Neighborhood running is good because it keeps your mind occupied and off the pain a bit.  I decided on my 2 mile course.  I walked up the short grade to the top of my street, then made a left and started my run.  Slow and steady.  A “Let’s Go Pens!” sign on someone’s door.  I think about how bad they sucked last night and the optimism we Penguins fans need to have to think we are actually going to win the Stanley Cup.  Yeah, they rallied for Game 3, but last night, even at home, they looked like rookies next to the veteran Red Wings.  And they really don’t suck.  It’s just that the Red Wings are that good.

I made a right at our chiropractor’s laid-off receptionist’s house.  Her backyard is fenced in to keep her huge dogs in the yard.  As I pass by, the big brown boxer (much bigger than ours) comes running toward me barking and looking over the fence.  “Naked dog,” I think to myself.  It doesn’t have a collar on and that’s what we call our dog when we take her collar off.  I think about what would happen if the dog actually jumped the fence.  It would probably chase me and then just sniff.  That’s what boxers do.  Years ago I would have been terrified at the thought; but now I know how sweet and harmless boxers are.  “Hey pup,” I smile at him and keep running.

I pass Joey’s house, a comical kid we used to car pool to soccer practices with.  I see a gold colored SUV in the driveway and think that maybe the woman with the sunglasses on that waved to us from the SUV yesterday was Helen, his mother.  We couldn’t figure it out at the time.  A house on the corner has a tent in the backyard and blue and silver balloons in the front.  Grad party!  Good thing they picked today instead of yesterday (rain again yesterday).

I start humming the Penguins “fight” song in my head.  I sometimes have to chant or sing or even count to keep my mind off a boring painful stretch.   Then I pass the church on my left.  The parking lot is full.  I’m glad I didn’t time my run when church was letting out.  The traffic has been pretty minimal.

Home stretch–it’s now mostly downhill.  I know I can keep going without stopping.  I pass our mail lady’s house.  The front yard is fenced in; it kept her boys safe.  But today there is a sign in the front that says: “Home of a ‘Name of High School’ Grad.’  Wow, does she have a graduate already?  I remember when those boys were in scouts with my boys!  I guess they would be that old.

I’ve made it to my street.  The part I can’t see from my house because it’s around a bend.  I’m surprised to see another grad sign in a front yard.  It’s where the “Democrats” used to live.  I’m not talking about normal moderate Democrats.  These people were “moveon.org” Democrats, full-blown Communist-loving entitlement craving liberals.  And now a family with kids lives there.  And the house looks much nicer–the old white siding painted a nice dark tan color.  These people aren’t waiting for a tax subsidy to fix up their house!

I push myself to reach Haunted Hell House and then walk up the grade to our house to cool down.  It’s a beautiful day and I feel great!

2 Responses to “A Runner’s Stream of Consciousness”

  1. 1 Emily June 2, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    It always strikes me when people feel this way about running. I feel this way about most exercise but I live to run. All these pregnancies over the last five years have made me very cranky b/c I cannot run when pregnant. Nothing makes me happier than strapping on shoes and hitting the road.

    However, I know people who feel as I do about biking or swimming or something else I have to force myself to do. I think it is about finding your activity and going for it.

    And? I would love to sleep till 9.

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant June 2, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    Sadly, Emily, I think running IS my activity. I like crossword puzzles better, but they do nothing for my waistline. AND the feeling after the run is over is really like no other. If only that feeling could be bottled.

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