The Scrabble Match and the Turncoat Son

One of Youngest Son’s ex-girlfriends came over last night.  I call her one of the ex-dils.  She and Youngest Son are still best friends.  They probably always will be.  She never visits without treats for the dog.  She loves our Sky only slightly less than her little pink-bowed Shih-Tzu.  Last night, she also brought some yummy chocolate-iced graham cracker crust and peanut butter squares for us.  I made us some tea to go with the goodies and then we proceeded to play our Scrabble match.

One of the most defining aspects of the relationship between Youngest Son and ex-dil Shayna is the constant competition between them.  They constantly bickered over who was smarter, they competed over grades and test scores, and wanted bragging rights for every game they played.  They take winning almost as seriously as I do.  When the three of us play, I’m kind of the secondary enemy.  Like Shayna once stated to Youngest Son, “I’d rather see your mom win than you.”  But of course she doesn’t want to see me win, either.  Same goes for Youngest Son.  If I win, it’s like the lesser of two evils.

I’ve been around longer, but I haven’t played Scrabble as long as those two.  I’ve learned some good moves from them.  Shayna is very good at making multiple words in one move.  Youngest Son knows how to milk the point values.  Last night, Youngest Son was getting some crappy letter tiles, but Shayna and I were doing okay.  After a while, Youngest Son wasn’t even mad anymore–he was that far behind.  He accepted his fate and kept playing, only occasionally grumbling about his bad luck.  Shayna’s turn was right before me and every time I had a good big value word ready to make on my turn, she would use the very same spot I was going to use.  I’d have to hurry up and come up with some inferior word when my turn came up.  But I was still eking out enough points to keep up a close match thanks to getting two S’s and a blank tile.

At one point near the end, Youngest Son brightened up a bit.  He might have been thinking he still had a chance.  But he was after me and Shayna had once again taken away the chance for me to use my dream word on the double word value space.  I compromised once again and wedged an E into the corner of two H’s to make EH and HE.  Okay, it wasn’t much but it was a double value word square, too.  And it was two words. But Youngest Son was looking at me horrified saying “No. No.  That’s a stupid move.  Don’t do that.”

“Too late,” Shayna chimed in.  “Her fingers are already off.”  It was the only decent move I could have made so I didn’t care.  But then I understood the problem.  I did to Youngest Son what Shayna had been doing to me all night.  He had the Q and was going to get double value on the word QAT and my H would make his acceptable word QAT into a non-word QATH.  And he gave me the evil-eye like I had just stabbed him or something and he started rooting for Shayna.  What the hell?  Over a stupid H.

“But I gave birth to you,” I said.  He wasn’t budging.  We were near the end of the game and I was ahead by a few points.  He was trying to get Shayna to finish up her tiles so the game would be over.  She made the word LO with her final tile, the L.  But she didn’t have enough points to catch me.  Then a devious grin came over Youngest Son’s face.  “Ha!  You still have three tiles left.  You have to subtract them from your score.”

Damn.  He was right.  I lost by one point.  And my Youngest Son, my buddy, was glad.

3 Responses to “The Scrabble Match and the Turncoat Son”

  1. 1 "Youngest Son" May 26, 2008 at 1:40 am

    I believe the word was ha and you shouldve put your h besides the e to make eh, which i pointed out afterwards, because then you wouldve had too many points for me to set you up for the loss (plus i wouldve gotten my word thank you very much)…and thanks for giving birth to me…i guess hah jk

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant May 26, 2008 at 9:38 am

    Okay. Maybe it was ha. Like haha, you still came in last. Loser. 🙂

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