Postponing The Icky

Today not only did I have to get up early, but I was supposed to do one of those horribly icky body maintenance type things that literally makes me gag.  I had an appointment to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.  Now I know things could be a lot worse.  I know a lot of people that have to get painful dental work done every time they visit the dentist.  Usually, the only thing I have to endure is the picking, scraping, gum-bleeding visit with the hygienist every six months.  But it’s still one of those things I dread.  Things have always grossed me out a lot, even when I was young.  I totally freak out when I see a cluster of bugs; I almost lose it from the stench and sight of worms after a rainstorm.  I used to just throw dishes away in college rather than deal with the mold that may have formed on them from sitting around unwashed.  And since I’ve gotten older, my gag reflex is a lot worse.  If I even catch a whiff of those disgusting latex gloves while she’s cleaning my teeth, I have lately just had to let out a BLEHHH (gag).

My family is quite familiar with that sound.  They get a big kick out of seeing who can make me gag.   Haha, funny guys–and not really such a big challenge.  When they see I’m already close to the edge they’ll start talking about say like a hair in an egg yolk or something, and then erupt into loud guy guffaws when I’m close to tossing my cookies.

But anyways, back to this morning.  I woke up about 8:00 (torture) to give myself plenty of time to just do some yoga stretches and ease into the day.  I am not a morning person AT ALL.  I had just changed my top when the phone rang.  It was the dentist’s receptionist.  She said the hygienist had a family emergency and she needed to reschedule my appointment.  And I was happy!  Even though I have to go through this early morning wakeup crap in two weeks, I happily melted into the still-warm mattress, scooted under the covers, clothes and all, and went back to sleep.

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