What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace Love and Civil Unions?

Why is it so scary, or odd, or funny that all some people want to do is find a mate, create a nest, and be offered the same legal rights and protections under the law as offered to other members of our “free” society?  Monogamous relationships create stability in a society.  Polygamy is much more unbalanced and dangerous to a society than a homosexual monogamous relationship.  Single-parent households drain the public coffers since many of these people play the system.  Why not allow every individual the right to share their life and happiness with another person?  Many of the same people that don’t condone “shacking up” or promiscuity are the ones dead-set against same-sex marriages.  If it so offends the senses of these people to call this “marriage,” then by all means call it something else–such as “civil union.”  But everyone should be allowed to choose a partner and file taxes jointly, make life and death decisions for their partner, and be covered by their mate’s health insurance like every other married couple in America.

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