Pittsburgh Penguins Brighten Our Rainy Days

It’s another day near the burgh–another freaking rainy day!  All I want to do is wash all of my sweaters and hang them outside to dry.  I gathered them up last week and so far only had one day that was not spitting or pouring some kind of precipitation.  I was able to wash some of the machine washable sweaters that day and hang them out to dry but I still have about a hamper full of hand washables.  It’s not only wet and dreary, it’s COLD!  Everyone I know just feels lazy and unmotivated–all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and veg.  The only bright spot–our Pittsburgh Penguins–YAY!

Last night, we could have swept the Philadelphia Flyers and crushed them in game 4.  But, why do that?  We’re up by 2 games, and the next game is in Pittsburgh.  I’m sure our guys realized how much better a win will be in Pittsburgh (rather than Philly–where they were last night) and an extra game or two in Pittsburgh will bring in more revenue to our beloved Mario Lemieux and the other Penguin owners.  Not that they would throw the game or anything.  Jordan Staal, despite just coming back from the funeral of his grandfather, played like a trooper.  The other guys did great too.  But the Super Pens are headed for the Stanley Cup finals–and they want to seal it in Pittsburgh.  Maybe then the rain will go away.


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