I Live With…1. Hank Hill

He’s probably going to be a bit miffed, but I’ll say it anyways.  Big Daddy is Hank Hill when it comes to his yard.  In fact, we’ve already told him this to his face.  I’ve just never written about it.  But when I looked outside today, and saw this 50 year old man out cutting our very large yard when we have two strong able-bodied young men living here with part-time jobs and no more school at the moment, I think I’m correct with the Hank Hill tag.  The boys cut grass and do yard work for many of the neighbors, yet Big Daddy rarely makes them cut our grass.  Despite the fact that Big Daddy is overwhelmed with how much stuff he has to do.  Despite the fact that Big Daddy has very bad knees thanks to primitive arthroscopic surgery in the 70’s.  Despite the fact that even J’s sometimes slacker friends came over and said to J one day, “Dude, I can’t believe your dad’s cuttin’ the grass.  Why aren’t you doing it?” But he’s very particular about his grass.  It has to be perfect.  I even tried to get him to show me how to do it at one time.  I don’t think I came close to meeting those grass-cutting standards.

Since our Hank Hill does not live with moronic Bobby Hill or Peggy, I think he could delegate his grass-cutting duties once in a while.  We promise not to kill the lawn.


1 Response to “I Live With…1. Hank Hill”

  1. 1 Pastor John August 14, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    I am sure this is completely due to upbringing.

    I am just as particular about our lawn. I call it ‘our’ lawn because although it is in fact my lawn, daughter cuts it, and trims it, and weeds it, and patches it…etc etc.

    I think the only difference between me and Big Daddy is that i am lazier when it comes to yard work. I got stuck with the BIG lawn in NJ when the original Big Daddy was making the bucks.

    So, if it’s not herediatry, it’s definitely learned. Maybe he’s trying to break the cycle by not letting them touch it – could be a positive. Their neighbors will probably curse them for their overgrown lawn!

    Hank Hill’s (Big Daddy’s) little bro

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