Haunted Hell House Sells Again

The house two doors down must have sold again.  There are people moving things in and taking out rolls of carpeting.  I thought for sure it would be on the market much longer.

This house was for sale when we bought ours.  It is a 2 story colonial just like ours.  It had a newer roof and siding than the one we bought.  But we never even had any desire to check it out.  It sits down the hill from us, on the curve of our street.  The house looks kind of like it’s leaning forward, in an unwelcoming sort of way.  Instead of a covered porch, it has an uncovered front stoop that slopes away from the house, like it should for drainage purposes.  But it looks kind of scary.  Also, we were looking for a big yard for our kids to play in.  Supposedly, that house is on a double lot.  But it’s all downhill and unusable.  The back yard is mostly clifflike.

Since we didn’t move too far from our old house, we still saw our old neighbors.  One was a firefighter.  When we told him where we moved to, he said, “You didn’t buy the house where the kid shot himself?”  We didn’t know.  Turns out we didn’t.  It was the house down the street.

Since then several families have come and go.  They’ve all ended up in dreadful situations.  The first family that moved in shortly after we did ended up in a nasty divorce.  They seemed like one big happy family when they moved in.  It ended with the wife accusing the father of sexually abusing the kids, and her later going in and trashing the place.  Nobody around here really thought the father did anything to the kids.  The wife was quite odd and prone to hysteria, accusing one of the other neighbors of poisoning Halloween candy.

After being on the market for quite some time, it finally sold again to a seemingly happy blended family.  We became somewhat friendly with them.  Their youngest almost lived at our house.  They added a nice back deck, above ground pool and many other nice features to the house.  Even before she had heard about the boy that had shot himself, the wife, T, used to say she heard footsteps and other noises coming from the one back bedroom.  But she said she got a peaceful feeling from it, not a scary feeling.  The young son said the same thing.  They could sense a presence there.  Sadly, this family that seemed like they got along so well ended up torn apart.  The husband went through some mid-life crisis and started seeing some young thing his step-daughter’s age, T was totally shaken and lost so much weight she looked to be at death’s door.  Then, even more tragically, her older son, who had by that time moved to another state, was murdered  by a gunshot to the head, along with two other young people.

The next family that moved in wasn’t really a family.  Supposedly, it was a guy and his live-in girlfriend with her two teen-aged daughters.  Nobody ever really saw the couple, but we did see and hear a lot from the girls.  We called this “family” the Springers, because they were like something from the Jerry Springer show.  The girls would cuss and yell at each other, and several times ended up in a knock-down roll on the ground fight in the front yard.  The one-time we did see the entire family was when something in their living room caught fire.  Turns out the house has aluminum wiring (not a good thing) and worse yet, the couple that lived there before had made some dangerous electrical connections during their renovations.  I don’t know if that caused this fire, but it could start a fire at any time.  The Springers eventually left after we saw the state cops down there a couple of times.  I don’t know if that’s the reason they left.  We just ended up seeing a for sale sign in the front yard.  And now we see new people moving in.

I wish them the best.  I hope they can make peace with the spirits in that house.

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