I’m One of Obama’s “Bitter” Pennsylvanians

“…And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

This is the stereotype Senator Barack Obama has of small-town Midwestern Americans (including Pennsylvanians).  It’s funny how he can so freely stereotype some Americans (typical white-person when referring to his white grandmother’s prejudice) and the above comments, while other people get fired from their jobs for far less.

Obviously, Senator Obama is sorely out of touch with working-class America.  In Western Pennsylvania, so many of the working people here are children and grandchildren of immigrants.  My grandparents got off the boat from Italy at Ellis Island and worked hard to make a life here.  We are not anti-immigrant.  What we are, is, anti-freeload.  Our ancestors struggled to make ends meet, followed the rules to become citizens, and learned the customs and language and assimilated into the American dream.  We expect the same of immigrants today.  We don’t want to support a bunch of people that come into the country illegally, expect free medical care and education in return for nothing, and show disdain for their adopted country by not even learning the language.  Every American should be insulted by that.

Religion?  Since when is it bad to cling to religion during hard times?  Most religions bring comfort to people, keep society civil, and urge cohesiveness.  That is unless you subscribe to the divisive theology of Obama’s pastor, Reverend Wright, who seems to believe that America is divided into victimized black America and evil exploiting white America.  Never mind that Wright and Obama both grew up with many advantages that a lot of white working-class “evil-doers” only dream about.

And guns.  My guys don’t hunt, but they have their guns.  They like to target shoot, recreationally.  And, yes, we do want to be able to protect ourselves from any criminal out there that, even if guns somehow should be banned by the Democrats, would still illegally be able to obtain them.  We like to keep a more level playing field.  If it’s “bitter” to want to protect one’s family, I’ll choose to be bitter.

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