Everybody Wants Our $$$

It’s not like we have that much cash, but what we do have everybody seems to want a chunk of it.  Just this past week I got two almost identical calls from our college alma mater.  The only difference was the first call was made by a young man, the second was by a young female student.  It was a scripted call, asking if we’d been up to campus lately, informing us of changes going on, asking if our contact info was still the same.  Then the REAL reason for the call–money.  I have donated to our college before–Big Daddy and I met there.  And it provided us with a decent affordable education.  I know some very nice kids that go there now.  But I steered my own kids toward other schools because something happened there.  Even toward the end of our stay there, it seemed as if the admission standards had gotten lax.  A few years ago, almost every month there was a new story in the paper about a fight, alcohol poisoning, and even murder involving students in this once well-respected state university.  So, despite having the utmost respect for these dedicated young students calling for donations, I prefer to send my money to the wonderful private college my Youngest Son currently attends (I mean in addition to the room and board payments I make–he pretty much got enough scholarship money from them to cover the tuition).

About two weeks ago, Big Daddy got a call from an animal shelter that we have donated to in the past.  Big Daddy hasn’t perfected the art of politely saying no the way Mama has.  In fact, every year when they call, they ask for Big Daddy by his first name, like he’s a buddy.  They never want to speak to me.   I know who  I want to give to and I stand firm.  With the most persistent callers, you just have to say, “Sorry, I’ve already donated to so-and-so this year. Thank you for calling. Good-bye.” And then just hang up before they get a chance to waste your time and haggle with you.  So I hear Big Daddy telling this caller that we were going to donate our money this year to the animal shelter where we got our own dog.  He sounds firm.  But obviously this doesn’t deter the guy.  He keeps on, until Big Daddy finally says,  “Okay, just send an envelope.”

“I got him down to $10,” Big Daddy says to me.  Hmmm, I think to myself.  I think HE got you UP to $10.  Whatever.

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