It Wasn’t Funny But I Had To Laugh

Why is it that sometimes, just because you know you’re not supposed to laugh, you just get the urge to crack up until the tears roll down your face?  That used to happen a lot at the dinner table when I was a kid.  My parents would be at their wits end with us and finally tell my brother and I to quit goofing off, no laughing and no talking, just EAT.  And bro and I would catch a glimpse of each other and just about choke trying not to laugh.

Well, this morning that same urge came over me at Big Daddy’s expense.  Since I was so busy yesterday trying to get the house back into a livable state and filing a state extension for Soldier Son’s taxes, I figured I’d just get up when Big Daddy did this morning and iron a shirt for him while he was in the shower.  Well, lo and behold—no clean shirts.  Yikes.  So I said to him, “It’s supposed to be nice today.  Do you want to wear a short-sleeve shirt?”

“Not really,” he replied, a bit curtly.  Then I spotted a nicely ironed tan shirt hanging in the closet.  I know he prefers the white ones but…not a lot of options here.

He wasn’t in a very good mood when he was putting the tan shirt on.  “Oh, great.  A tailored shirt,” he grumbled.  He could barely get the buttons buttoned.  I’m thinking to myself that he looked a little “meaty” in the shirt, but I wasn’t about to say anything.  He couldn’t very well go shirtless.

A few minutes later, I hear him stomping back upstairs.  He starts ripping off the tie.  “Why didn’t you tell me I looked like a rolled sausage,” he glares at me.  I start chuckling; I can’t help it.  I know it’s not funny being responsible for someone’s bad day and I know he’s not going to like me being amused by this situation.  But the look on his face…and, is it maybe nerves?  I don’t know, but every time I looked at him, I had that sick urge to laugh.  He put on the short-sleeve shirt.  It DID look better.

On a brighter note, I’m meeting my co-workers today for our annual after-tax-season lunch.  I think I’ll eat a lot because when I asked Big Daddy what he wanted for dinner tonight, he said, “Nothing.”

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