Happy Mama Was Annoying EVERYBODY

After working a stressful 56-1/2 hour week, I came home from work Saturday feeling like a weight was lifted off my chest.  Not only did we finish up all the tax returns that had, just a few days before, been hopelessly piled up on the shelf, I didn’t even have to come in on Monday the 14th.  Spring had arrived.

For some reason, this made me want to sing.  Just like Big Daddy hums when he’s eating a meal that he really enjoys, I guess I sing when I’m content.  And I was just belting it out all weekend.  Worse, since I’ve been stuck listening to “office pop tunes” all day for the past few months, these are the songs that are stuck in my head.  So most of Saturday and all of Sunday, I would just start singing that Daughtry ditty about “going home.”  I was doing it at first without even realizing.  I just felt so happy I wanted to belt it out.  And I guess the sentiment in me was that now I could BE home taking care of all the things I’d had to neglect for so long.  But once the boys started pleading and yelling for me to “Shut up, mom,” I felt even more compelled to serenade them with my feelings.

And while I was singing these pop tunes that under normal circumstances I would probably never even hear, I started to realize something.  Some of these songs aren’t that bad.  But most of the ones that are tolerable are ones performed by past American Idol contestants.  Which just goes to prove that all the stage parenting, marketing, and knowing the right people is no substitute for real talent.  And I hope the show stays around for a while just to allow people the opportunity to enjoy some real talent.

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