A Busy Day For J

Big Daddy had to take the day off from work tomorrow.  J has a nightmare of a day tomorrow–and Big Daddy is going to be spending a lot of time in waiting rooms.  First appointment–to the dentist to get all 4 wisdom teeth out.  Then, as if that pain wouldn’t be enough for one day, they went and scheduled for a Plantar wart to be removed.  I don’t even know if that’s a good idea to do two procedures like that in one day.  I asked them if they mentioned about the teeth surgery before they scheduled the wart removal, but nobody seemed to be worried about it. Nobody but me, that is.  And I asked why he couldn’t have made the appointment for next week, when I’m done with work.  But J has to report to his Reserve unit next weekend, and, more important to J, at least, is next Friday he gets still another damn tattoo.  So the surgeries had to be tomorrow.

If anybody can handle a painful day, it’s my J.  When he was about two years old, he ran his little baby hand over a candle flame and looked up with this big grin and said “Hhhot.”  He admitted that he actually likes the stinging pain of the tattooing.  I’m quite sure it hurts me more than him.  But he is quite the trend- setter.  Tonight, Matt’s brother came over to get his head buzzed too, raising the total of shaggy-haired transformations up to 5, or counting Matt, who is now in Basic Training , 6.

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