Yeah, I’m Procrastinating

I already made myself clear to the family today.  This is a work day.  I have two things to do today, and that’s all I’m doing.  I have a weeks worth of shirts to iron for Big Daddy.  Friday, I grabbed a shirt from the 7 or 8 I had just pulled from the dryer the night before, and hung it on his dresser for him to wear.  It looked good.  You couldn’t tell I hadn’t ironed it.  But I forgot to button the top button like I do when I iron them.  So he said, very suspiciously,  “Did you just pull out a shirt without ironing?”  Yeah, I was busted.

The rest of the day I need to finish up the two tax returns I have left here of my own paying clients.  Over the years I have tried to steer people toward other preparers who may actually enjoy having no life during tax season.  (I already work 45-50 hours a week at my accounting job this time of year).  Some just keep bouncing back to me.  Some I don’t mind because their returns don’t take much time and it’s nice making a little extra spending money.  One is a friend of my mom.  She has way more money than brains.

So what am I doing when I have all this work to do?  Haha, posting on my blog.  But just a few notes to warm up my fingers.

Last night, J and a friend decided that they were going to cut their hair short on the sides with a mohawk on top.  This is not a big change for J because his hair is army short.  I didn’t even know how you would notice the mohawk part because even his hair on top is short.  But his friend wore long shaggy hair that should have been cut ages ago.  Part of the reason for the haircut is that J has recruited this friend to join the Army Reserves.  This is a good thing.  The young man is nice enough but has no real direction or goals.   The mohawk is something he wanted to do before he goes to basic training and J agreed to get one with  him.  Well, before the night was over, two more shaggy-haired young men entered our back bathroom and emerged with buzzed heads.  And they looked GOOD.  All four of them.

Youngest son wonders why I don’t mention him much on my blog.  Well, like usual, he was out last night with one of his many girlfriends.  He learned the hard way that, at least with the girls he’s chosen, they treat you better if you don’t commit to them.  They don’t make demands on you, they appreciate the time you DO spend with them instead of whining about the time you can’t spend with them, and he probably even saves money on the whole dating thing.  Youngest Son is the only one of my boys who has learned the value of being thrifty.  So, he may be doing newsworthy things.  But he’s just not around for me to see it.

Okay.  I’ve procrastinated enough.  It’s gonna be a long tough week.  With much overtime at work I fear.  But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  🙂

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