A Not So Great Day

While reading the paper on my lunch hour today, I saw a young man’s picture in the obituary.  He looked familiar, and after reading the column I realized that he was a very good friend of my nephews.  In fact, their names were mentioned in the obituary.  I had met this very nice young man several times when we would go to my brother’s house for the kids’ birthdays or whatever.  He was always hanging around there and was a nice polite young man that was doing all the right things, working and taking classes at community college.  He hit a tree driving home from visiting his girlfriend.  My nephews are taking it very hard; my brother could barely talk about it when I called.  I always feel sick whenever I hear about a young person losing their life, but it’s especially haunting when it’s someone you’ve met, someone you know, and someone who would have had a lot to offer the world.

Calling my mom after reading about this tragedy, I heard about other problems the family has been having.  I guess nobody filled me in because they know I’m busy, but geez, I can still talk on the phone.  It seems my youngest niece knocked her knee out of its socket and is wearing a knee brace, her older sister just totally lost her hearing in one ear and they don’t know what caused it or if her hearing will return, their mother (my sister) is going crazy driving them to and fro to doctors and med centers and in fact, had swelling in her lymph glands that she was tested for (and thankfully tested ok).  Then I called my sister, who informed me that our mother, who is definitely NOT supposed to fall because she is on blood thinner medication for her heart and could bleed to death, took a tumble in her house.  My sister found out about it and made her get checked, and the doctor’s staff stressed to her again that she was not to take any fall lightly.  Luckily, they did not see any signs of internal bleeding.

It’s just been the kind of day that’s going to leave a dark cloud, a heavy feeling.  Kids don’t know how parents worry about every little thing until they have their own kids.  When they’ve seen enough times for themselves how things can take a turn for the unimaginable.  That’s why, every single time my boys leave the house, I yell for them to be careful.  I feel like if I don’t, something awful will happen.  Because I know it could.  And I couldn’t handle it.  And I’ll keep reminding them to wear their seat belt.  They can roll their eyes all they want.

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