The Best Laid Plans

Big Daddy’s away on his monthly business trip.  When the kids were little, I used to hate when he was away.  A houseful of boys was a lot to handle alone.  And they listened better to him.  He’s tall and has a scary deep voice.  It was easier for him to be stern.

Now I don’t mind at all when Big Daddy’s away for a day or two.  Not because I don’t like his company.  It’s just kind of nice to have the house and the TV to myself. I have finally gotten to see some “chick flicks” on HBO that I would never be able to squeeze in between all the sports shows and dippy sitcom reruns the guys like to watch.  But most cool of all, I DON’T HAVE TO COOK!!!  Especially when the kids are not home either.

So today, the younger boys start their Easter break.  The last word I got was that middle son, J, would be staying an extra day up at school to hang out with friends or whatever.  I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work so I texted Youngest Son to ask him what time he’d be home.  He said later in the evening because he had a late class.  I said that was good because he could just eat up there and I wouldn’t have to cook.  He texted me back about what a loving mother I was (haha) but I thought everything was settled.

While I was in the store, I figured I’d maybe pick up a deli-made pizza because I felt like eating something more than just a salad.  And I figured Youngest Son could have some, too, when he got in.  Well, they raised the prices on the pizza and they just weren’t worth it.  Then I spied some tiny packages of strip steaks on special.  I found one with two little seasoned steaks and they were cheaper than the pizza so I got them.  One for me, one for Youngest Son if he was hungry.

I walked in with the groceries, and, surprise!  J was home.  And he was pumped when he saw the steaks.  He was going to lift and he said it would be the perfect thing to eat when he got done working out.  I told him “Fine.”  Youngest Son wasn’t expecting anything and he was eating dinner at school.

Well, I’m sure you’ve already guessed what happened.  Youngest Son walks in, sniffing the air.  He was wanting to eat.  Turns out he didn’t bother eating at school.  And J is still downstairs working out.  His steak is in the fridge.  Youngest Son looks at me like I’m dirt.  I would have given him some of mine, but it was already gone.  I told them to just split the steak that was left.  And that’s the way it always is around here.  You make a big meal, everyone has plans to go out that night.  You think nobody’s gonna be home, and they all show up with friends.

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