Soccer Moms and Chinese Takeout

During tax season, Big Daddy always took over most of the cooking.  This year, however, I thought it was more fair if we alternated nights.  I’m not running around getting kid things done now that they are away.  We don’t have any track meets to go to this Spring, either.  And Big Daddy needs to take more time for himself, to ride his bicycle or just relax.  So tonight was my night to cook.   My specialty of the house was whipped up in 15 minutes.  I called our favorite Chinese take-out restaurant and picked up a good meal on the way home from work.

Seems someone else I know had the same brilliant idea.  As I was standing at the counter, I happened to see Joy.  Her daughter was a friend of my Youngest Son, and her son played on the school soccer team with him also.  And this is not the same family who won all the Panasonic gadgets that I wrote about yesterday.  Soccer players from our high school must just have very cool families.  So anyways, I asked Joy how everything was going with her daughter, and soccer, and whatnot.  And even though all of us were “soccer moms” through and through, and watching our sons play is and was an important part of our lives, she seemed to be feeling the battle fatigue a true soccer parent usually starts to feel by Senior year.  I wouldn’t trade those days for the world.  But I have a whole lot more of “me” time.

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