Write Letters To Your Soldiers

Wow.  I feel like I missed the boat.  The big boat to Iraq.  I was thinking that since I sent and received e-mails everyday and even got to Instant Message with my Soldier Son, I didn’t really need to write actual letters.  Plus, I kind of try to let him see the same goofy stuff as always is going on at home here through my blog.  So I didn’t really think I’d have that much left to say in a letter.

Then Big Daddy talked to our Family Readiness Group (FRG) contact, and she mentioned how much the soldiers really like getting letters from home.  So he started sending some.  Well, we got an e-mail saying how much he liked getting Big Daddy’s letter.  Then Middle Son J said how much better your day was in Basic Training when you got a letter in the mail.  Well, I used to send them a lot of letters when they were in Basic Training.  I made a point of it.  But you couldn’t communicate any other way with them.  It was like prison.  Like, maybe three brief phone calls in months.  And no electronic communication of any kind.  So I made a point of sending lots of letters.

So, dear son, please be prepared to hear some redundancy.  But it will be in my very own handwriting.

1 Response to “Write Letters To Your Soldiers”

  1. 1 Chris March 4, 2008 at 3:25 pm

    Yaaaaay! You’re the bestest. Also send my checkbook or something ’cause I need that to open my SDP account. They’re kinda ghey about the method of deposit.

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