Thumbs Up For Mickey D’s Burrito

Yum. I actually got up 10 minutes earlier the other day so I could take advantage of the McDonald’s breakfast promotion. Big Daddy and I were watching TV Wednesday night and saw an ad that said if you purchased a medium or large beverage, you could get a free Sausage Skillet Burrito. Well, being on the road all day, Big Daddy often stops for coffee so this would just be a bonus for him. For me, I get all the free coffee I want and I don’t like to wake up any earlier than the very last second I can manage to throw on some clothes and makeup and make it to the office by a very soft 8ish. But I was getting tired of eating my Slimfast bar with my coffee every single morning at my desk. I felt like mixing it up a little bit. I was also getting tired of waiting every morning until the coffee was ready because my soft 8:00 was still closer to the real 8:00 than most of the others. Haha! I was going to get my own free burrito and large hot coffee, plunk down at my desk and let someone else make the damn coffee ’cause I had my caffeine fix for the day.

I have to tell you, I enjoyed every bite of that burrito. It was a meal-sized burrito, unlike the former smaller breakfast burritos. The potatoes, which I thought would be the part of the burrito I wouldn’t like, somehow tasted like chicken. In fact, I at first thought there was both chicken and sausage in the burrito. It was loaded with scrambled egg and cheese, and yummy grilled red and green peppers. To me, the seasoning was just right.

Big Daddy, however, said he would stick to his fave, the Sausage Biscuit. He thought the burrito was a little too spicy for his taste. But for me, who prefers leftover Chinese food or pizza for breakfast instead of wasting calories on wussy cereal or other bland “breakfast foods,” it was just right. Just don’t tell me how many calories are in them!

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