Advice From Mama

First of all, even if everyone in your office has gotten over the flu and whatever funk they had, don’t quit taking your Vitamin C (or Zinc and Magnesium or whatever else works for you).  I skipped the “C” ONE freaking day (yesterday) and woke up this morning with a hot breeding cesspool of germs in my throat.

If you know anyone (like an older person on Social Security) that doesn’t normally need to file a Federal tax return because their income is too low, file one for them anyways so they will get the “rebate” check in May that is going to go out to attempt to jump start the economy.  If you are one of those older people, and you happen to have a very smart daughter that takes care of your financial matters and in fact does this stuff for a living, don’t always second guess what she tells you because one of your little old lady friends tells you something completely erroneous or does things wrong themselves.

If you have your taxes prepared by an accountant, and they take the time to send you an organizer that lists everything you need to bring or send in, take the time to at least look at it.  You don’t even have to fill in the amounts.  Just send in the right documentation.  It gets so tiring. EVERY SINGLE YEAR, to have to call and ask for the SAME THINGS over and over again, just because you can’t even look at the paperwork we send that spells it ALL out.  Remember, most accountants charge you for the time spent doing your return–and this takes up a LOT of time!!

And, lastly, if your mama is sick, she’s probably gonna be very bitchy.  So tread lightly.

2 Responses to “Advice From Mama”

  1. 1 Chris March 1, 2008 at 12:22 am

    I know these things to be true. Never doubt the wisdom of Mama!


    Now get better already.

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant March 1, 2008 at 11:04 am

    Awww! Thanks sweetie!

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