Spring Break?

So, Youngest Son’s college has their “spring break” at the end of February.  It starts tomorrow, which is also supposed to be the day a snow storm moves in.  They’re calling for about 3 inches of the white stuff by morning, followed by a possibly treacherous morning rush hour with freezing rain and ice.  Then another round of snow later.  Lovely.

Now, being that a college dorm is somewhat like a cocoon, I’m thinking Youngest Son didn’t hear the weather reports or see all the panicky people stocking up on milk and toilet paper today (like we’re gonna be holed up for a week?).  He texted me tonight to see if he could, instead of coming home to see his adoring parents tomorrow, drive to Pittsburgh to visit a friend.  Of course, he texted me.  Not Big Daddy.  Because he has Big Daddy’s beloved truck, for one thing.  Because I’m the softie that usually says “yes.”  And because he seems to really want to go.  Unfortunately, he miscalculated because he didn’t have all the facts.  If he knew they were calling for a big storm, he would have never asked me.  Because I am the world’s biggest worry wart, especially when it comes to the kids.  So even though I find it very hard to say no to them, I would never want them to be out driving in a big snowstorm.

I had Big Daddy call and break the news about the big storm coming.  Of course, dear son was in denial saying that the weather guys are always wrong.  Well, he does have a point…but I think this storm’s been hyped up enough to have some substance to it.  They’re going to play it by ear and see how the weather is, and switch out the truck for Big Daddy’s car if he decides to go.  I’m betting Youngest Son has other plans lined up also for his week off.  I’m hoping he’ll maybe squeeze in some time for me to whip his butt at Scrabble!

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