Kids in the Office

Most people would probably think that kids in the office, especially in a CPA office in the middle of tax season, would not be a good idea.  I could tell them from experience that actually, it can work.  In fact, it kind of adds a dimension of fun that most accountants don’t usually get to experience from number crunching.  I find myself smiling several times a day at the cute things they do and say, and best of all, the rare times they’re tired or cranky, I don’t have to deal with them.  I’m like a surrogate aunt, there to enjoy all their youthful exuberance and charm but safely busy in my own little office at potty time.

Of course, not just any child would be a welcome addition to the staff.  These girls have been coming to the office since soon after birth.  They are the boss’s granddaughters, and they have been taught acceptable office behavior.  They are well-loved and well-disciplined, which is the main reason why they are so well-behaved.  But they’re still kids, which is what makes them so cute.  They help their mommy do her job by running down the hall with a paper for “Pa-Paw,” and look really proud when we tell them what a good job they do.  They run to each of our offices to do little swirly turns to show off their new dresses that they’ve just tried on.  The three-year-old is quiet and a little shy, and looks very serious when she sits at her computer and “works” at her computer games.  The almost two-year-old has a little round face that is always smiling, even when she’s sick.  She’ll run to my office and show me her little princess collection or her new “big girl” pants.  When they talk to each other, negotiating kid-style, it reminds me of my boys when they were little.  They’re very close in age like my two younger boys, and they remind me how much even very young children are so much like grown-ups, with the same emotions and feelings, but just a little less life experience and vocabulary.   I used to love listening to my little boys playing together, making plans or trying to negotiate who would play with what toy.  When I hear the girls’ Pa-Paw talk to them in that gentle “grandpa voice,” it reminds me of how much my dad loved his little grandbabies.  He would find an excuse almost every day to come up and visit with the boys, and most of the time would take at least one of them home with him to play and talk about silly things with them, and then, of course, stick them with my mom when they got crabby.

My own kids would have been good little office buddies.  They could all sit and play quietly.  They were always the teachers’ pets in any daycare they attended.  I’m sure my future grandbabies will be just as awesome.  But boys, notice the word future.  I can wait for a few years until you’re married and are ready to support a family.  In the meantime, I’ve got kids in the office to play with.

1 Response to “Kids in the Office”

  1. 1 soundboy February 21, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    Of course the boss gets to hang out with his kids, figures.

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