Working Mama Is A Grouchy Mama

It’s Saturday, the day of the week that working mamas and papas have to spend squeezing in all the housework and projects they didn’t have time to do during the week.  It’s constant motion.  It’s not fun.  It’s just a sad fact of life for full-time working couples (and probably much worse for a full-time working single parent.)

By the time you both get home from work in the evening, make dinner and eat, try to clean up and maybe read the paper or watch a show, it’s time to go to bed and start the cycle all over!  Lucky for me (and my marriage), we only live on this roller-coaster ride for a few months a year since I only work full-time during tax season.  We’d have a lot more money, perhaps, if I worked year-round, but my family will tell you that a working mama can occasionally be a grouchy mama and sometimes, there’s not enough money in the world worth putting up with that!

Here’s another thing.  I will never have any regrets about being there for my kids.  I almost always worked part-time which was good for my self-esteem AND my sanity because I could contribute financially and emotionally toward our family’s well-being.  It’s the perfect compromise if you can afford to do it.  I don’t think it matters which parent works part-time.  I’m just certain that in most cases, it’s good for kids to have at least one parent that can spend time taking them on picnics, splashing in the pool with them, and not rushing them through a conversation.  And the parent with the full-time job doesn’t have to spend so much of his or her precious free time doing housework or running errands.  But today, the busy mama is snapping at people.  And the guys are just kind of grinning because they’re used to it.  And they know that in a few months, when mama has time to do her crossword puzzles and try new recipes and can stay up past midnight, we’ll all be happy again.

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