Let’s Look at the Bright Side

I had to go back to that den of illness and disease today–where everyone is STILL sick and in fact, Ron is even sicker than before.  But so far, my megadosing on Vitamin C is keeping me not quite sick.

The roads absolutely sucked today–like the road crews only had a whole day of warning that some big snow was coming?!  But somehow, Big Daddy and I each managed to get home in one frozen solid piece.

Youngest Son’s educational experience has taken a nasty turn in forcing him to snuff out the lives of the little lab rats that he started to become attached to.  In fact, they used to peepee on his hands in excitement–little knowing that he would someday become–their executioner.  But, he was the only one in his class to get a 100% on his Calc test today so the grief hasn’t eaten away at his brains.

Soldier Son had to see a doctor because he has some goiter-like swelling on his neck.  They said if it’s not better in a couple weeks to get it rechecked.  Hmmm.  But being he’s in Iraq, I’m just happy to be able to chat with him, goiter lump and all.

And my darling Middle Son, J, I haven’t talked to him since the weekend.  But, knowing my J, sometimes it’s better to know nothing.


1 Response to “Let’s Look at the Bright Side”

  1. 1 Chris February 14, 2008 at 4:51 pm


    But if it is, and my body is in fact laced with cancer, take comfort in the fact that you’ll probably get to see me much sooner than you normally would. =)

    And don’t worry about me dying from it, whatever it is. I promise, I’m really bad at kicking the oxygen habit.


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