A Day Off

I know. I just started back to work on Monday and here I am with a day off already. It’s still early for our tax clients and the work usually is still trickling in at this point. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be buried in it. And the timing works out perfectly for me to be off today. I had an envelope to send to Soldier son, so I got up early and went to the Post Office. When I came home, our boxer, Sky, was all excited because I had my coat on–which she immediately interprets as TIME TO PLAY! So, even though it was snowing out, I took her out to play. Boxers are full of energy. If you don’t tire them out and keep them busy, it’s like torture for them. And torture for us. If you get too busy to tire her out, she randomly will growl at you, usually when you’re right in the middle of something. And then you’re not sure if she needs to relieve herself, lost a ball under the furniture, or just wants to go outside to play. So you stop what you’re doing–and find out she doesn’t have to peepee and didn’t lose a toy. So the best thing is just to get her good and tired. Like they say, a tired dog is a good dog. And she needed some attention. I think she was moping around the past few days while I was at work and no one was home with her. I’d come home at lunch to take her out and she wouldn’t pee. But that was probably because her food and water dish were left untouched. She wouldn’t eat until we got home! She must have thought we were abandoning her. One of her toys, a great big yellow felt jack, was dropped in front of our bedroom door like she had been tracking us down to play with her. It was kinda sad.

Later today, Youngest Son is actually coming home for the weekend. We suspect he was trying to “punish” us the past couple weeks for not letting him take the truck back to school with him last time he was home. He not only didn’t come home, but he was rather stingy with the text messages. But, maybe he was just busy getting A’s.

In the meantime, before I have to pick Youngest Son up, I will be glued to this computer trying to finish up our tax return. Wish me luck!boxers.jpg

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