Mama’s Rant Pants are Fading

Maybe it’s this cold I’m fighting off. Maybe I just give up. But I was all set to rant about Super Blooper Tuesday and how was it possible that the biggest clowns out there are getting the most votes. The only viable candidate that did not seem to be an exaggerated caricature of a psychopathic liar or an overzealous buffoon is being overlooked. Mitt Romney, I guess you seemed too rational to appeal to the mad masses. But then again, politicians are an oily bunch. Even if they appear to care about our wonderful country, their actions can prove that they don’t once they actually win the election. God help me, but I actually fell for the Clinton con the first time around and voted for Slick Willy. Basically, any good mama (or papa) would run the country the same way they run their household:

1. The needs of your household (or country) come first. When you’ve taken care of your own, then you can better help others.

2. When helping others, you take care of those who appreciate the help and are willing to use that assistance as a stepping stone to helping themselves. And you don’t give preference to the guy that tries to steal from you before helping those outsiders that are abiding by the system.

3. Teach your kids (or citizens) fiscal responsibility. Don’t just hand them everything. They will grow lazy and unappreciative. Teach them not to waste valuable resources by rewarding them for good behavior.

4. Try to get along with the neighbors, but if a threat to your family exists, go all out to protect them. And don’t get wishy-washy in the middle of the fight. Finish the job you started and don’t ever let your guard down if you sense the family is in danger.

Not a rant tonight. Just some suggestions for the next leader, whomever it may be.

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