The Sunday Blues (Tax Season Begins)

Well, I was expecting it.  And it came on Thursday.  The call from my boss asking if I was available to start back to work on Monday (that’s tomorrow!).  Of course, I said yes.  I love my job.  The work itself is like building a puzzle, piecing together all the transactions of a year and fitting them together within the confines of the IRS tax code so that our clients can keep as much of their hard-earned money as that code allows.  My boss appreciates me and so do the clients–unless they’ve really mucked things up and there’s not much we can do to put their money back in their bank accounts.  But in that case, they usually blame my boss.  Or the government.

Sunday always has a somber feel to it.  Even when I was a kid I didn’t like Sunday.  Even when I’m not working I get what I call “The Sunday Blues.”  Because I mourn the loss of the weekend for the kids going back to school and the husband going back to work.  But now the grief is more personal.  I mourn for the freedom to plan my days on a whim.  I’ll miss being able to pull the warm covers over my head for an extra hour or two.  I’ll hate not being able to spend the day in my comfy sweats.

But once I get to work I’ll be fine.  With the exception of the first waking hour of the day, I like Monday better than Sunday.  I’m excited to face the day’s challenges and I’m generally rested up from the weekend.  I’ll be happy to catch up with my co-workers who are like a second family.   I’ll feel at home in my cozy office with its wall of windows overlooking a shopping plaza, drinking all the coffee I can handle.

So today I’m feeling the blues.  But tomorrow is another day.

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