Mama’s Baby Boy–Our Overachiever

I knew it was coming! I’ve heard it many times over the past 20 years, and not always in words. The first time was while I was contentedly nursing my new baby J. My soldier son (of course not a soldier then) walked up to us and proceeded to thump J’s fuzzy-bald head with his elbow. The last time it came as a text from Number 3 son (chronologically #3, not third in my heart!) alluding to his notion that yes, he knew I liked his brother better than him and the proof was my blog post “The Middle Child.”

Well, dear youngest one. I just haven’t gotten around to you yet. You haven’t been home from school for a couple weekends (even though you’re only about 5 miles down the road). You didn’t even text me much this week. So even though you’re always on my mind, you just may not be at the forefront right now. And how do I introduce you without sounding obnoxious? You’re the perfect child. The hardest thing about raising you was keeping up with you!

Baby Boy was always fiercely independent. While the oldest was barking orders, the middle one was tagging along trying to please. Baby Boy was doing his own thing, and you better not tick him off! One day we were watching the oldest boy’s T-ball game at the playground about four doors down from our house. My head constantly swiveled between the game and the two younger boys playing on the swings. Well, I guess Baby Boy got bored and just decided to head on home while my head was swiveled toward the game. My neighbor, Diane, saw this strong-willed two-year-old strutting down the street and proceeded to walk him back up to me just as I had figured out that he was MIA. Another time, at the same playground, some slightly older kids were annoying my boys. I was just about to say something to defuse the situation when Baby Boy steps in and was ready to take them on. He was a good four years younger than the little brats!

There wasn’t an activity out there that my youngest son didn’t want to try. And he excelled at all of them. Because he never gave up. So how could we make him choose between soccer and basketball, Little League and Scouts or the many other activities we carted him to? We just had to hope he’d get tired of something on his own so we might have a night off here and there.

So here it is, in writing, that I do not favor any brother over the other. But I’m sure I’ll hear it again soon.

1 Response to “Mama’s Baby Boy–Our Overachiever”

  1. 1 Chris February 3, 2008 at 1:39 am

    zomg u haet me!!!111one!@2

    *mandatory whining and complaining*

    Actually I was starting to wonder myself when the wee laddie’d get some mention =P

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