Going Postal

Even though a big cold front had blustered its way to our fair city, I forced myself out of the house to pick up some supplies at the Post Office yesterday.  Soldier son needs some goodies and reading materials, and supposedly there are boxes you can get through the USPS so that you can send care packages overseas at a lower rate than the usual $37.  I also needed to pick up Passport applications.  After dealing with frozen car door handles (I had to climb in through the passenger side) and then the usual parallel parking hassle downtown, I trudged my way up the hill to the Post Office.

Luckily and for a change, the line wasn’t that long.  But it was confusing.  There is only one  worker that handles Passport matters and a sign distinctly points to there.  But that worker also handles any other duty like the rest of the counter employees and if it’s your turn, you could be sent there.  So I decided to bypass the people in the regular queue and just get behind the one person being helped in the passport line ( no one in line seemed too intimidating).  The worker was very nice,  but wasn’t sure which boxes I was asking for.  After checking  a printout, she  found what I was talking about but  said that they did not have any there. She then gave me 2 Passport applications, but said they were only good for one more day.  So if we were to use them, we would have to fill out the forms, get our pictures, and dig up our birth certificates like that night. Well, we just don’t move that fast.  And, she did not have any of the new applications (even though no one would be able to use the old ones in two days).

I didn’t give up hope, yet.  Certainly I could find the boxes I need at the USPS web site.  They should have all their products listed there for me to order.  Guess again.  Finally, I remembered our contact person with our Family Readiness Group.  This was the person who had first made us aware of this product, as well as many other things a military family needs to know.  A quick e-mail and she gave me the number to call.  The product I was looking for is called CAREKIT04, and now hopefully, is on its way.  So hang in there, son.  Your 2600 magazine and other goodies will soon be there!

2 Responses to “Going Postal”

  1. 1 Chrissy February 1, 2008 at 11:36 pm

    Oh yes.
    I’m NOT looking forward to sending out packages now.
    I’ll have to come to you for advice on this now.
    God knows I have no idea what I’m doing!
    But the poor baby will have to wait until I get some money.
    How sad. =/

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant February 1, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    Dear Chrissy–if you have stuff you want to throw in my package, we’ll send it all at once. I think my mom’s getting some stuff to put in it too. Just try to get your butt over here–kthnx!

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