The Laptop Saga Continues

As they say, where there’s life, there’s hope. And so, after receiving some e-mails about our soldier son’s struggle to open up his damaged laptop so he could get to the inner workings and attempt to fix it, I feel slightly better now that he has finally managed to get the thing open. Of course, it’s very possible the thing is toast. But, if anyone could fix the thing, it would be my oldest son. He is a genius. And, no, I’m not just speaking as the proud mama. He is a bona fide genius, and I’m speaking solely as an observer in the know. He could read words when he was two, storybooks when he was three, and just about anything by the time he started kindergarten. People used to look at us very strangely when this adorable little diaper-clad baby would run his pudgy index finger along a printed sign and correctly sound out the words. We had to teach him how to look things up in reference books before he got to kindergarten. Despite the fact that both Big Daddy and I are far from stupid, we couldn’t answer a lot of his questions anymore. And most of his knowledge is self-taught.  Like a lot of really brilliant people, he didn’t thrive in the conventional school environment.  He did ok, but that’s because he already knew most of what the class was being tested on.  Of course, we enrolled him in as many enrichment opportunities that we could, and his school did have a gifted program but a lot of that involved extra busy-work, and he wasn’t always thrilled with that.  Cyber school would have been a great option for him, but unfortunately, this was not available to us at that time.

So, anyway, back to the computer.  If the thing is fixable, he would be the one to fix it.  I was really bummed yesterday on many levels.  He had just bought the computer less than a month ago, and used his hard-earned cash.  He carefully selected one with all the features he’d need to keep in touch with us here at home and that would best withstand the harsh environment where he was headed.  And all this planning has been possibly thwarted by a leaking bottle of shower gel!  After all the excitement of talking to him through Skype the other day,  now we can only communicate through e-mail when he can use someone else’s computer.  But, yeah, maybe he can fix it.  Or maybe he’ll have to buy a new one.  I’ll keep you posted.

2 Responses to “The Laptop Saga Continues”

  1. 1 Chris January 31, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    Dear Mother!

    You’ll be happy to know that I am posting this from my own laptop. It’s all working except for the backlight. So, I need a flashlight to see small areas of the screen. Maybe you should add an extra display, or at least a backlight for my model in that next care package…although I’ll have to sterilize the room to swap lights without getting dust between the layers of my screen. Drat you, Iraq!

    Much love,
    Chris Himself!

    ps. do you know who signed me up for facebook under my own email account? It’s all very weird.

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