Hillary & The New York Times vs. America

If somehow Satan got on the GOP ballot, and Hillary Clinton was his Democratic contender, well, the New York Times has just convinced me that I wouldn’t be able to vote. They (surprise, surprise) endorse Senator Clinton, which just proves how bad she is for the country. Because the New York Times is as anti-life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the Communist Manifesto. And so is Hillary Clinton. I always thought Clinton was a little bit scary with her ability to lie about things that were clearly on record. Her desire to reinvent herself and say just about anything she believes will put her in a position of power is beyond frightening.When you’re trying to buy votes to get into power, you will say anything to get there. Because if you are in power, you are not going to have to live with the consequences. You will be in your ivory tower, with your deluxe health care and your guaranteed retirement nest egg.

I understand why Hillary panders to the get-something-for-nothing crowd. But I don’t understand why so many otherwise good-hearted Americans still fall for forced wealth redistribution. Communism/socialism does NOT work. There may not be many homeless people in a socialist society, but everyone else lives in a shack (except for the ruling elite). There is no incentive to create, explore, and invent. The bottom of the rung is where everybody is because there is no way to rise above it. In a capitalist society, there are, of course, going to be people at the bottom. But a lot of times, these people are just starting out. They can have dreams of success and work hard to achieve their dreams. And for the people that are truly unable to achieve a better quality of life on their own due to unavoidable hardship or disability(rather than laziness or a sense of entitlement), the altruistic nature of a happy and fulfilled society will normally ensure them a better quality of life than that provided by “forced altruism”. Remember how generously Americans responded to so many disasters.

So thank you, New York Times for convincing me that my instincts about Hillary were correct. No system is perfect because people are not perfect. But it’s always better to have the individual choice to strive for perfection!

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