Damn You Mr. Coffee

I woke up (late morning) to an empty house with the idea of finally catching up with all the things I need to do now that I don’t have a house full of people. Unload dishwasher, last night’s pots and pans, undecorate the dead dry Christmas tree, etc. And set up the iced tea maker to make a new batch of tea. My 3 quart Mr. Coffee iced tea maker used to be a handy little gadget because I am an iced tea junkie that loves unsweetened fresh brewed iced tea and it provided. But lately I’ve noticed that even though I am setting things up the way I always have, I will get iced tea leakage around the bottom of the appliance. I can not figure out why! I have the carafe pushed up all the way against where the tea is supposed to drip into it, but it somehow it drips around the carafe and onto the counter. Well today the damn thing didn’t just leak onto my counter, it flooded it! And I’m watching it and desperately trying to push the stupid tea pot closer but it’s already all the way up against the damn machine and should be pouring the tea into the pot and yet…it still is missing the target. A 3 quart tea maker is great unless you end up with 2 quarts on your kitchen counter. And it’s pouring under all of my countertop appliances, and microwave, and I’m trying to wipe it up without getting electrocuted because it’s under the power strip (it’s a GFI but it didn’t trip and I’m thinking that it probably isn’t working and I’ll be dying any moment). And the sea of tea ran all the way over to the other side of the microwave where I had my favorite cookbooks standing so now of course the bottom of the pages are all wrinkly wet and tea tinted. Why don’t you work right anymore, Mr. Coffee tea-maker? Is this a company planned obsolescence ploy to make us buy new shit? Have you finally become outraged at being called Mr. Coffee instead of Mr. Tea? If that’s the case, just please don’t take it out on me!!

2 Responses to “Damn You Mr. Coffee”

  1. 1 ohdelilah18 January 15, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Listen mamacita.
    I think it’s the tea maker brand.
    Ours crapped out on us after awhile so we had to get a new one.
    My advice is to get a new one.
    Of course.. we’re idiots & bought a new.. Mr. Coffee..
    But hey!
    It works fine now.
    Now I’m rambling.

  2. 2 mamaneeds2rant January 16, 2008 at 11:38 am

    I might need to get a couple new teapots. But they prob don’t sell them separately so you have to buy a whole new appliance. We’ll see.

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